Vouchers.Im API

This service is being discontinued from May 1st, 2011. No new subscriptions accepted.

Vouchers.I'm API (or "Application Programmatic Interface" or Web Service) gives you access to our open database of vouchers and discount codes. Our API has a simple REST interface which transmits data over HTTP using GET requests. Results are returned in the body of the HTTP response in XML format.


We are meticulously building our voucher codes database to contain all existing vouchers available. We carefully rewrite voucher descriptions to be short, informative and precise. All vouchers in our database adhere to standardized format to be easily displayed, processed and distributed:

<details>25% discount on selected Landline Telephones</details>

We would love to hear from you in general, if you have any thoughts on Vouchers.Im and our voucher codes API, any feedback or suggestions what you'd like to see in our web service or how it can be improved. Please use contact us page to get in touch.

Access Levels

We offer two access levels for using the API.

Free access:

You are allocated 200 api units per day to be used for any API call with just one restriction: you can not execute call to list fresh vouchers (those added in the last 5 days). These same vouchers, however, can be found and listed with other API calls.

Premium access:

You are allocated 1500 api units per day which you can use for any API call without restrictions.
Subscription cost for Premium access is £50 per month.
Premium access is provided on a per site basis; if you publish voucher codes on more than one website you must obtain another API key for this purpose.

API Registration

You need an access key to start using this service. To request your free API access key please complete registration form below:

*Developer / Company Name: *Contact telephone number: *Contact e-mail:
*Website you will use API for:

For using the API we ask you to agree to the following terms, which you accept by registering:
- The application or a website you develop must be freely available to the public. All voucher codes obtained from our database should be clearly displayed on your webpage without any kind of 'click-to-reveal' methods
- If you use our free API you'll state that the voucher codes data is originated from Vouchers.Im, and provide a link to either our homepage (http://vouchers.im) or to the appropriate merchant page.
- While we do our best to keep this database up to date, we provide no guarantees whatsoever. You agree that the access to the database provided in "AS IS" form and it is entirely what you are subscribing for.
- We do not provide any kind of customer or technical support while using this API. We will however always review errors and misfunctionalities reports sent to [email protected].
- We reserve the right to disable your free access without any explanation.
- We reserve the right to terminate your Premium access if you break the rules.
- These terms, our pricing structure and free API limits could be subject to change at any time without prior notice.

API Documentation

Current API version: 1.01



To execute API call, the following segmented URL is called via HTTP GET request:

http://api.vouchers.im/api/function/API key/param1/param2/...

	'function' is a name of API function to call
	'API key' is your personal API access key
	'param1','param2'.. required function parameters

API Response fields:

Fields in server XML response are pretty much self-explanatory, but here is a quick reference to understand it better.

Root of XML tree:

  • <merchantcount> - Total count of returned merchants
  • <totalactive> - Total number of active vouchers for returned merchants
  • <unitsleft> - Number of API units left for this day. API access quota is reset at 00:00am every day
  • <status> - Status of the function call
  • <message> - Message from the function call. Indicates an error message at this time
Merchant element <merchant>:
  • <id> - Unique merchant id
  • <title> - Merchant's title
  • <website> - Merchant's website
  • <activevouchers> - Number of active voucher codes found for this merchant
  • <affiliatenetwork> - Affiliate Network which runs Merchant's affiliate program if it's available or known
  • <baseurl> - URL of this merchant on Vouchers.im
Voucher element <voucher>:
  • <id> - Unique voucher id
  • <merchant_id> - Id of the merchant this voucher relates to
  • <code> - Voucher code
  • <deeplink> - Deeplink to the merchant website
  • <valid_from> - Date this voucher code is valid from
  • <valid_to> - Date this voucher code is valid to
  • <ordervalue> - Minimum order value required to use voucher
  • <currency> - Voucher/purchase currency
  • <details> - Voucher code details
  • <terms> - Voucher code terms and conditions
  • <dateadded> - Date this voucher was added to our database
  • <origin> - Origin of the voucher. It can be: 'affiliate' (means distributed via affiliate channels), 'consumer' or 'unknown'
  • <title> - Issuing merchant's title
  • <website> - Issuing merchant's website

API Methods (functions):


This function returns complete list of merchants with active vouchers. It is called without any parameters besides API key.
This function takes 20 units for execution.

	Example call:


	Example response:

<title>123 Ink Cartridges</title>
<affiliatenetwork>Affiliate Future (www.affiliatefuture.com)</affiliatenetwork>



This function lists all vouchers of specified merchant. As a function parameter it needs either merchant id or merchant website.
This function takes 10 units for execution.

	Example call, merchant id here is - 2040:


	Example response:

<title>Quake for Men</title>
<affiliatenetwork>Affiliate Future (www.affiliatefuture.com</affiliatenetwork>
<details>15% discount for new customers</details>


This function lists all vouchers added in the last 5 days. It is called without any parameters besides API key.
This function takes 210 units for execution.


XML response is the same as for 'listVouchers' function.


This function lists vouchers expiring within 3 days. It is called without any parameters besides API key.
This function takes 20 units for execution.


XML response is the same as for 'listVouchers' function.

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